Hot Keys AKA Shortcut Keys Links

Comparable Jaws and Window Eyes Hot Keys
This document provides a number of headings, which list a function. Each is followed by the Hot Keys for Jaws and Window Eyes that perform that function.

Copy and Paste Hot Keys
Here is a very useful list of the Hot Keys used to copy and paste.

Firefox Shortcut Keys
Hot keys for Firefox

Google Chrome Browser Shortcuts
A list of shortcuts for the Google Chrome Browser.

Microsoft Application Hot Keys
Hot keys for several Microsoft products, including Windows, Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge Browser Hot Keys
A list of shortcuts for the Microsoft Edge Browser.

Narrator Hot Keys
A list of hot keys for Narrator.

NVDA Primary Hot Keys
A list of the hot keys that will enable you to get off to a quick start with NVDA

Outlook 2013 Hot Keys
This site offers you the opportunity to search or use a table already provided.

Skype Version 8 Windows And Mac Hot Keys
Skype version 8 hot keys for both Windows and Mac.

Team Talk Version 5.2.1 User Shortcuts
A list of shortcuts for the general Team Talk user.

Thunderbird E-Mail Client Hot Keys
Hot keys for the Thunderbird E-Mail client.

VLC Media Player Hot Keys
VLC Media Player Hot Keys.

Win Amp Media Player Hot Keys
Hot Keys for the Win Amp Media Player.

Windows Media Player
A list of Hot Keys for Windows Media Player.

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